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With so much reporting of people going to streaming and viewing on tablets and phones I wonder if there will be much of a demand for UHD except for niche buyers like us. The average user gets a 50-70" tv and is more interested in internet connectivity; most don't even do any calibration. I don't think teh average user will see the benefit. So while I want the increase clarity that UHD would provide on a zoomed out 2.35 screen I'm afraid that isn't going to happen anytime...
Finally got around to fixing my mistake of not having run Ethernet cable to my rack. I picked up one of these and it seems to work well for my SAT DVR and blu-ray player. I also received my brown speaker cloth which I'll use to re-cover my sub compartment. It looks much more acoustically transparent than the fabric I have now, similar color as well. I'm thinking I'll make a small fabric frame and then just screw it to the back of the sub cabinet door instead of...
When can re realistically expect to see UHD projectors in the sweet spot of under $4,000? I assume that Panasonic and Epson are working on it. It will take a number of years I'm sure. I'm just hoping it's 2-4 instead of 5-8.
Fantastic space, love the wood work.
Thanks for taking the time to register and answer questions. After my original post I realized that your space would do double duty as a personal theater space and be a show piece for clients. I expect that a number of vendors would be happy for you to showcase their equipment. Do you have any interest in the latest UHD/4k projectors? It seems that would be the next upgrade in technology to really showcase home theater viewing,
Sounds like serenity mat would be a good choice for the floor above a theater.
Interesting that his own HT is more Function over Form whereas most of his clients designs seem the opposite; theaters as show pieces. I'm sure they function very well but you can see in his own personal space that the money was spent on tech. I also had to chuckle about the tight budget part.
Agreed, it works great as long as it's not touched.
Being a designer I know how that is and I didn't want to be the first one to say it...
I haven't done it myself but rope lighting is how I've seen it done.
New Posts  All Forums: