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I bought my 40B650 for 640 EUR and sold after 2 years for 250 EUR. as an example It was a great TV: great picture, great design but I had no space at home for it when I bought my bigger Panasonic plasma. Today's F6xxx can't match the old 6 series until the C models coz the Ultra Clear Panel is gone. They look kinda washed out.
From mid 2012 Samsung began to offer kinda strange sizes like 42 inch or 50 inch LED TVs ... Who produced them? In the past 37 ich panel weren't from Samsung AFAIK.
One Day it worked... Miracle ...
I have this stripes on the left side Maybe they turnd the display the other way round in my TV Nokia 808 distortion Panasonic STW50 uniformity by m1.m1., on Flickr
I can't connect my STW50 to Time Capsule ...
LOL "but I suppose there is not too much difference between panels and sizes." Believe me there are differences even withis the same size There must be a panel lottery thread somewhere But in the end I was extremely satisfied with this TV. Very bright and punchy picture with good black level and (in my special case) very even screen uniformity. But I had to move on from my 40 inch "small" B650 to bigger sizes and toward 3D. The only possibility to get a even...
Now more details are available: The E6500 especially in the 51 inch version has much weaker black level than the very good 60 inch version. So I bought the 50 inch STW50 and now don't regret it anymore.
A user of a German Forum sent me the results. I dont know if it makes sense to post results coz the German models are a bit different from American
I read a comparison in a German forum 55STW50 vs Samsung 60E6500. The Samsung has way better filter for daytime viewing. The absence of Banding, False Conturing, Line Bleeding makes the E6500 the clear winner for me. In all other situation but fullscreen the Samsung is a bit brighter. Fullscreen the STW50 is brighter but it flickers pretty much, so no real advantage here too. The Black Level is visibly better on the Panasonic (0,001 vs 0,002) but only with full...
Hmm it's difficult coz the camera will show the black bars blacker than they are coz of the brighter images of the movie. I can tell you. When displaying very dark content you will see the bars glowing a little. But the black bars are definitely visibly better than on my Samsung B650 LCD with 0,03 cd/m2 black level measured on HDTVTest.co.uk
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