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Dude, you have to tell me where you go it from! I was just about to pull the trigger on a 5 year old refurbished 520 from tigerdirect. Also in Canada if it makes a difference.
Yup, pretty much got everything. I think I'm going with the power supply you recommended. Apparently 300 watts is enough for my whole setup. Hopefully it will be able to handle the addition of a tuner and maybe a SSD in the near future.
Anyone else got any other tips before I take the plunge?
I don't think that sale is applicable in Canada. It sucks that I can't order from newegg.com because our dollar is on par right now and everything is a lillte pricier on newegg.ca.
So this build is pretty good than besides the power supply and the video card. I guess I can try selling the video card, because the combo is a pretty good deal, and I can't take it out. The cost of the card becomes negligable when you consider the combo savings anyways. I'm on newegg right now and can't seem to figure out what one to buy. What should be the estimated wattage? Also, The 80+ certification comes in gold, solver and bronze and just plain certified. What one...
Sorry dude, but I'm not sure what you're telling me to do. Haha. Should I buy something under 460w? Can you give me a cheap reccomendation? I picked the cooler master because it supposedly runs really quiet, and 460w should be about enough. I'm not to sure though.
I was under the impression I need one regardless, as the processor is OEM. I think since I save so much money on the combo, it's cheaper to get that one than to change it or buy somethig cheaper.
This is my first time posting here after lurking for a while. To begin, I'd like to post my disclaimer and say that I've only setup my first hometheatre (52" LCD and 7.1 surround) and have never built a PC before. I need to ask you guys some nooby HTPC building questions and would like to post a build. Can you guys suggest anything to give it the best performance to price ratio possible? Thanks. -Newegg combo...
Dude you theatre looks awesome. I love the door you have going into it. I will be using this as an inpiration when we build a new house.
Pretty much what everyone else said. You need some darker colours in there. Also can you hide those wires? I'm not really a big fan of the rackmount shelf you have. I would put in some real shelving to give it a more elegant look.
New Posts  All Forums: