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Hello, I've had the LN40C630 for about 3 years now and just started having a new problem. After hitting the INFO button on the remote, I can see the guide information with the time and name of what's currently on. But hitting the right arrow button no longer shows what's on in the future hours. I used to be able to hit the right arrow after the INFO button and scroll through the upcoming show titles to see what's on next. This is on free over-the-air TV with an...
Basically, I'd wanna set it up to get power from the USB, plug into the AUX jack or use blue tooth, have it automatically power up with the ignition and have it pick up where it last left off. It needs to remember all the settings without needing it's own battery. An equalizer and better bass would be nice. If it can stabilize the volume from one sound file to the next, that would be great. It would be permanently left hooked up in the car. Random mp3 selection is best....
The Frequency Response of the MTXs is 44 - 20,000 Hz, but the Fosgate speakers are 55 - 22,000 Hz. Does this mean the MTXs will be better at lower frequencies but the Fosgates better at higher frequencies? And, the MTXs are 90/180 watts RMS/peak, the Fosgates are 100/200 watts RMS/peak. So I guess it's a tradeoff. Either slightly high power but slightly less frequency range, or vice-versa. And, the Fosgates are $49 bucks more. Huhhhh, still deciding...
Here's what I'm looking at going with: Rockford Fosgate R600-4D Amp - $234.99 Image Dynamics CTX-65 Coaxials - $119.99 MTX Audio TX6 Components - $121.00 -OR- Rockford Fosgate Power T1652-S Components - $169.99. This will leave up to $400 - $500 for the installation to keep the whole thing under a grand. I'm still undecided between the MTX or Rockford component speakers for the front.
Thanks for a great reply. Those Polk amps are tempting. Looking at the fuses, I guess it's gonna pull up to 60 - 80 amperes of current depending on which amp I get. Hopefully that won't give the car a heart attack! Any kind of music is good EXCEPT country, jazz, or opera (yuck!).
The 9th generation Accords are said to have dismal speakers, so I've looked into adding an amp and swapping the 4 stock speakers with something better. A local car stereo place recommended: Focal Access 6.5" coaxial (for the rear) x2 + Focal Access 6.5" component (for the front) x2 - $400 for all 4 speakers. JL Audio JX 360/4 Amp - $249.95 Speaker install - $175 Amp install - $129 RCA adapter $29 Battery cable - $59 - $99. I know almost nothing about stereos and am...
Awesome, thanks. It's a shame many good shows aren't available on streaming.
So let's say you have no N*tflix account, but you're just on their web page looking for shows they have. How can you tell from the search results which ones are available on streaming versus DVD only?
Look at this link: https://signup.netflix.com/Search?v1=Seinfeld It makes it look like the show Seinfeld is available to watch. But when you try to search for it on your disk player, it's not there. This is happening on a number of other shows like Cops. So what's the deal? Are they lying about what shows they have to get you to sign up?
Are TVs ever gonna have "Apps" like cell phones? And if so, is there ever gonna be something like AdBlock Plus? It would be great if it could know when to automatically mute the volume and blank out the screen until the show or game is back on.
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