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It has some great 3D moments but that is all the movie is good for and no matter how good it looks you can tell it was a rushed mess of a film really disappointing considering how well the recent marvel films have been put together.Painters tape is what i'm using so far it work well.
Think again, It was a terrible movie the 3D was good in spots but not enough to warrant watching it again. Honestly it is worse than the third X-men film
What you need to know is on page 44-46 of the AV7005 manual. If you need the Manual it's on the Marantz website.
Just matrix out the side surrounds to the back on your receiver. as for 7.1 material it has become more common in the last year which is nice considering how much better 7.1 sounds
I ran into the same problem when i got my optoma HD33 the best advice i can give is to upgrade. I bought the Denon 1712 and have not looked back.
Brightness does effect RBE i have to place an ND2 filter over the lense to help lessen the effect on my HD33. but to be honest 3d is amazing on the projector i just wish these projector had a way to screw on the nd filter lenses.
I would suggest the Optoma HD 33 with 13 ft you should be able to hit 120 in. Also the 33 has a way better response time and does better 3d for gaming than its competition the Epson 3010. unfortunately you are going to have to dish out a little over the $1000 you planned on. right now the projector superstore has the best deal on them i've seen lately
You could always try an ND2 filter to cut down on the brightness but as always look at your settings first
From what I've read the 3300 has 200 more lumens and a better contrast ratio. How much of a visible improvement is it over the hd33?
Has anyone owned both to make the comparison? I know the 3300 has better contrast and 200 more lumens but is it a noticeable improvement over the HD33
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