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I'm looking at getting an Optoma HD33 but after some research the HD3300 is looking like a better deal is there a substantial difference between the two projectors how much better is the picture
Actually the Optoma and Monstervision glasses are rebranded BC5000 Glasses made by Bit Cauldron. I have an unbranded pair that works great and I've never run into issues with them thankfully.
I know the epson 3010 supports splitscreen viewing.honestly the only reason i know the epson has it is because i own it. Also it's Not really a feature i care for and the lag on the 3010 is to bad to use it for gaming proposes.
Honestly I do see HDMI being around for awhile but by the time we get affordable 4k video something new will likely take it's place given the current shortcomings of HDMI over longer distances. Just look how hard it is to find a reliable cable to carry a 3D signal. Also I've never seen 4k video and i'm sure i would like it but how much more detail do we need at home. At this point I'm satisfied with what we have and I don't plan on upgrading for awhile. As for 1080p120,...
I also have to say monoprice sells some of the best cables i have ever used i recently ran a 25ft 22 awg hdmi cable. I had to buy port savers because the wire was so thick and well constructed and as for the picture it's crystal clear even when viewing 3D the best part was the cost around $29.00 for the cable.
I like the first logo looks clean but I have to admit i like the one I came up with better no offence AVSF_Logo4png1 by necroticart, on Flickr
I've actually tried switching the displayer around so it's after the receiver and I can't get a image.
Using a PS3 I was able to force multichannel audio in the sound settings while using the displayer.the only limitation I've run into is no multichannel audio while watching 3D only 2.1 and you have to switch settings every time you want to watch a non 3D blu ray.
What I'm curious to know is are the firmware interchangeable between the 2
Honestly i've been looking at switching to direct TV for 3D they have about five channels and a satellite feed allows more bandwidth so you get a better picture. Plus getting the satellite is going to costs me the same as i'm paying now for cable the only downside is i have to keep comcast as my internet provider since i can't get fios in my area. So basically it's going to cost me $140.00 a month for both.
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