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sports active 2 was annoying as they had some workouts that didnt require you to use the wii remote but when you put it down for a bit the controller will turn off and the game will pause and a prompt pop up.....huge annoyance, got rid of it and got kinect with your shape, no need for any type of remotes...
sin and punishment is a great shooter i didnt really like dead space extraction even tho i loved the 360 dead space games...
So the LG LCD 32LX1D I have decided not to turn on anymore... Also, the little red light is not on anymore...I have googled around for answers to this and read a few people saying it might be the power supply. What do you guys think it may be? Also, how hard is it to replace the power supply and where can I buy one? Thanks!
I compared on the onkyo site and they seem identical on all counts except very minor details... Can someone please tell me the big differences? The 5300 and 6300 are almost the same price....the 7300 would be almost $150-200 more.... Whats my best bet?
Greetings, I have posted a Thread for Wall Mounts for our TVs if anyone is interested in replying or viewing the info, please go to this link...Hopefully it can be a good startup guide for all wall mount newbies like myself Thanks! http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...2#post18542202
Hi Guys, So I'm still new to all this and just got my 46" Samsung last week (LN46C630). 1 - I'm wondering what the best brand for wall mounts is and if there is really a difference in build quality etc... 2 - I've noticed Sanus seems to be a big brand name for wall mounts, is that correct? Are they worth the premium? 3 - Amazon sells a very popular wall mount for $26 plus shipping. Should I consider this? 4 - Will my LCD fit on the slim/low profile wall...
Greetings, Just FYI, I started a Settings/Calibration Thread for the LNxxC630. Please post your settings there! http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...highlight=c630 Thanks,
Thanks Vegas, thats a pretty high backlight! Do you do any gaming? Which settings do you use then? Anyone else have any good settings for this tv?
Greetings, I know there is currently an owners thread for the C630/C650 but I wanted to create this thread for people to post the best settings they have found for the C630 specifically. Also, please include weather it is best settings for gaming or HD programming or sports or movies. We will try to decide and pick the best ones for each category. Thanks!
Lol i have the same story, I came from a 37" olevia as well Can you post your settings by any chance? Also, which mount did u buy from amazon? Can you post the link please
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