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Wow...Thank you so much for the very informative and visual difference of both the displays. I watch in a very light controlled room so as per your post i have decided to just keep the 500m. Thanks again!
Anyone with a KRP 500m want to chime in? Really like the idea of getting this as a replacement to the pioneer i've had for the better part of 3 years... but to those that have had the opportunity to own both, was the switch from KRP 500m to the W900A worth it? I am quite a big gamer and do not feel any lag while playing, but less of it is obviously always better. I was originally going to stick with my KRP 500m until they released a 60 inch OLED, but that does not seem...
Just ordered one from EE with same price but got a 2 year extended warranty for 50 bucks. Coming from a Pioneer VSX 1020k, i hope i FEEL and HEAR the improvements lol. Hopefully i made the right choice for my 2 Aperion VG tower. Now, the waiting game.
How did you get a white Kuro lol?
Well yeah i was actually able to temporarily fix it by installing thicker curtains. I would actually say that the black levels are much better now during day time as opposed to complete darkness, LOL. But seriously, this has to be the best TV i have ever seen. Really impressed by the quality. I can't believe just how much better it is compared to the Sony HX909 i had. God, the blooming on that set was horrible. Thanks for the input though mate!
Hi guys, I have another question about my 500m >.
Sorry mate i can't quote you, my desktop screen is clipped LOL. Actually i just bought the original remote control off ebay for a little over $50. Thanks for the help though! I did check the user manual in the OP of the thread and saw under the section remote control that there was a button for screen size. *FacePalm* Hopefully this will sort out my issue. But again, thanks for taking the time to reply!
Hi guys! I just bought a 500m tonight for a VERY good price and it seems to be in excellent condition. It did not come with a remote however. Luckily, i have been able to access the settings menu through my pioneer receiver remote(THANK GOD). Basically i am very very satisfied with the performance of the TV. However i have one gripe, and maybe it is because i do not have the official remote control but i can't seem to enable dot by dot anywhere! When i hook my PC up,...
Hahaha, i did not acquire it by any fishy means! Actually, because at the time i was living in Bali Indonesia having just finished high school, i imported the PS3 Slim from the US through ebay. Today, i live in San Francisco and am currently applying to Universities. In the process of moving i brought my imported PS3 with me to the land it came from. And just today i checked that the warranty would not be valid unless the PS3 was bought from an Authorized retailer,...
Yes, it really does suck... It all started one week ago when my PS3 turned itself off when playing The Dark Knight on blu ray. At first i was like holy ****, i hope my disc isn't stuck in there. Luckily, i replugged the AC cord in and voila, it turned back on. Today however, its been turning itself off while only downloading stuff from the PSN store. Already, it has turned itself off 5 times and it each time it does it is only on for roughly 10-20. I have tried...
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