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At the moment the only tool kit that does what you want is Sony's Blu-print 6 which cost 50K.At the end fo this month Sony will also release the Vegas PRO 10.0d which will allow you to burn 3D BD time-line directly to BD or AVCHD. But it will not have any 3D BD menu capabilities.Mathew Orman
You may want to download and check the latest nVidia player:http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d-visi....9-driver.html Mathew Orman
Did you click on 3D icon to activate 3D? The 3D icon changes into perspective 3D shaped icon indicating that the player is set to 3D mode. If that does not work you need to check if you nVidia stereoscopic full screen is working. You can download a free StereoPhoto Maker to test the nVidia's 3D Vision full screen mode.http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr/ Mathew Orman
It does not play 3D frame sequential in windowed mode. Double click on it to get full screen mode and it should then switch to 3D frame sequential to be used with your 3D glasses. Mathew Orman
It should be:CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Mark II Ultra Mathew Orman
Looks like an old version with add-ware. I have 10.0.2325.51 Click the blue up arrow on the top right corner to get version info. Mathew Orman
May be you are confusing player tabs with 3D configuration tabs. Anyway it does not matter in which player tab you are as long as you see 3D icon with arrow pointing down next to it all that at the bottom of player window. Just click on the arrow and then you will see 3D configuration tabs. Mathew Orman
No, the 3D button is on the bottom of the player decorative window and it does not change with top based tabs. Also, the movie tab is only relevant to 3D BDs or ISO's. The frame compatible 3D files are played using video player. Mathew Orman
Right click on your desktop and select: NVIDIA Control Panelthen select: Set up stereoscopic 3D then check box Enable stereoscopic 3D then select: Stereoscopic 3D display type: which drop down list should have your laptop's 3D compatible display. Ones you have that enabled you can configure your CyberLink PowerDVD10 output type for the 3D content. Click on arrow next to 3D icon and there should be a tab that says: Display Type and you should select 3D Vision Compatible...
New Posts  All Forums: