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By the way I was told that 65zt60 will be North of 3500USD...So if I had to do it again I would still chance a VT50 for 2149..which is the deal I got anyway. Iwas so happy with how it looked, they are claiming better blacks contrast and 3d hmmm, I didnt have an issue...except those damn lines. But thats what I thought I my 2 year old sammy d8000 upstairs..I thought great pic, but then with the VT50, I thought wow **** the movies, I couldnt believe a pic could look so...
Nah, dont be I have nothing to use except my lil 50 inch sammy up in bedroom...lol, my downstairs looks like I been robbed...(burgled) actually...as there is a receiver on the floor, the missing Panny 65vt50, all the wires hanging around bd on speaker top just a mess...But Panny told me to wait for the new ships to arrive...They actually said since you have such bad luck to get three of these in a row like this I wouldnt chance it any further. It could be the supply to...
gotcha, ya think I should repost to show all pics or everone pretty much knows what was going on at this point?
OK I POSTED PHOTOS!!! Go to my profile and look to the set of pics under theater then click on the pics, each one to expand and see description and image!
LOL yeah, anyhow I decided to wait as I got word on the new pannys coming out zt60's in may so im gonna wait...OH and yes I will post PICS of this when I find the good few from my phone gallery.
yes but didnt you see when I took it to the store they had the exact same issues there as well on three seperate source, a laptop, (mine) hdmi in...a BD player theirs, hdmi in, and a trunk line in which other tvs were connected theirs or course...and it was there all the time every time but only after selecting custom settings and any adjust made there of didnt matter.
According to tech a batch that was made and went out are faulted and the only recourse (if ya wanna keep the set because of the stellar pic quality) is to have repairs done they may have to be repeated..like the shampoo ads that say wash rinse repeat..but after a year your done as the warranty is only for such time that Panny will adhere to!
Im a word Champion Martial Artist in Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan, Jiu Jit SU, Hapkido, Five animal system Kung Fu..also A Pro Body Builder and was a ranked State Trooper..and then joined other various assigments that I cannot say...I doubt I would hurt anything breaking anything lol..its true...ooops another post, Thanks for the posters who wanted to help.And before you asked "YES" i was shot at many times for the freedom of America
Its North American I returned to BB and they hooked it up to various devices and inputs and the problem was there ..so they got on phone with panasonic tech and he stated its a cpu on the logic board combined with the chipset for custom setting module and programming code that is the issue...CLEARS IT ALL UP, wasnt my stuff or any enviornment...HA...I only came back to post to help others if such problem should occur!
my third time was good...thanks for the support on my defense guys...oh yeah and Mactav and shep....i do use google and am an avid user and tech myself...also I do use preview and didnt think of another thing until later on, even another member said "He cant add to my post"??cant think of everything all the time all at once ....like I said slow computer at the time maybe or slow server...and the finallly figuring out you respond with the quote button and not reply...
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