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Thank you very much, this really made my day =) ES6800 im @ offset 12, brightness 53, backlight 2.
very nice prices =)
Thanks for your reponce. based on your comment and the previous comment i think it is indeed a bit overkill. Thanks again both, u satisfied my curiosity =D
Thanks for your comment, really nice to read !
Hey guys, question here, i bought the headphone Sennheiser RS 170. I was wondering if there would be any difference in quality between : 3.55mm headphones port on my tv (samsung 46c6000) and if i where to buy a receiver with dts-master and so on and plug my headphones in that. Just curious.^^ Thank you.
I only know its philips im afraid. only have very basic knowledge. Might just buy a new home theater system but not philips. do you recommend a certain brand ? ac receiver plus the surround speakers are indeed probably the best but a bit to exensive for me."If that is what you are talking about, then there is a pretty good chance that you will have the identical same problem with the next digital player that you hook up to this system." Yeah i have stepped away form this...
This is some good info , thank you:D You know what the worst thing is. this is my second one in three years, the last one broke aswell. (hts7500)
What you are saying is very true, The problem is that there is to much of a difference in volume in 3 and 4. Wich i am trying to compensate by getting another bluray player wich can add to the volume. Main bluray at volume 3 , second one 50% for example. Think im going for the second bluray player, thanks for all your response ! greetings, leito1987
Right this will be fun explaining =P. I was thinking maybe to get a receiver because it also controls volume, but i dont know if i can plug in my bluray surround set via hdmi and still output the bluray sound via my speakers but also adjust the volume on the receiver. Ando also my bluray surround set is a 5.1, 500 euro (650 dollar). so it it worth the cost of the receiver 300 euro's ( 400 dollars ) for full truehd audio. Or just stick with another bluray player in...
Tv : Samsung 46c6000,Current surround set (out of the box) : Philips HTS75202nd bluray player im thinking of buying ( not so sure now lol ) : Samsung BD-E5500Is this enough info :O =)
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