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I got mine a few weeks ago and it has a manufacture date of August 2013. Must've sat in the warehouse for a while?
while I can't answer your ARC question, I can tell you the w900a does let you configure individual picture modes per input.
did your card come with a DVI to HDMI adapter? Most (if not all) AMD cards output Audio through the DVI connector when using the DVI to HDMI adapter. Before you spend a bunch of money on a new card give it a try!
I know this is probably a longshot but if anyone has this Tv AND a yamaha rx-v371 receiver AND a bodnar lag tester could you test if running through the AVR adds any input lag?
I call BS on a firmware update adding input lag. Sony is well aware that one of the reasons this TV is desirable is because of the low input lag. If you visit their online shop, they even mention that the "W" series is best for gamers.
does anyone know if the new vizio M series TVs support 4:4:4? I'm looking at the 55" version specifically.
does the M series support 4:4:4 chroma subsampling?
is the price cut on this TV permanent? it's going to be a few months before I can get one and I'd hate to see it go back up to the original price.
I wish there was a way to "rent" a bodnar tester.
I can't wait until this technology is implemented in AVRs. I currently watch most of my movies and games with headphones and I use yamaha's silent cinema which is pretty good but this dts stuff is definitely the next level.
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