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Very cool idea, but don't sell yourself short with regard to sound quality. I realize your priorities, but I think you could just as easily make this cabinet put out some very satisfying and high quality sound ... with essentially the same effort and expense. Admittedly, I've not given this much thought, but I'd examine a coax platformed three way, with a stealthily employed (rear/down firing) sub shared by both channels.
LTD02, Didn't state "placement doesn't matter", more like "below the room's first mode; 0, 0, 1, ... there's no benefit to multiple distributed subs toward FR smoothing." So yeah, a single behemoth sub, dedicated to the aforementioned region, mated with multiple distributed, perhaps more easily placed, modestly capable high-passed subs, is certainly one solid approach to covering the entire subwoofer bandwidth. Any large volume adjacent space can be utilized. Closets or...
Key being ... frequency invariance, that's the good stuff. Keele is an audio giant. I've been fortunate enough to have experienced Rick Craig's CBTs, head-to-head up against Synergies, Catalyst', and Noesis, they're great ... and a real effort to mitigate acoustic distortions imposed by the room.
Asian 12" car audio sub offered by the largest entity in audio.Their buying power is extraordinary ... they've got a mammoth chunk of the oem car market, in addition to all the brands we know (JBL, H/K, Infinity, AKG, dbx, Crown, Lexicon, Soundcraft, Studer, Revel, Mark Levinson, etc). No dogs there.All said, it would come as no surprise that their w/their Asian mfg partners, they can offer a well executed $60 sub.(16)12" subs for $1k, four sets of four ... employed...
You'll be fine. Can you tell us how you plan to use them. What's the remainder your system?
Gotcha, thought it was either auto-corrected "worried" or wondering about (queried). I'll be quiet Love ribbons done right ... even with their limitations.
I can't top what LTD02 put up, so perhaps a different approach. If it's something you have to live with, I'd suggest a manifold IB, with (4)Fi-IB3-18, and an EP4000. Getting the four driver discount and the Behringer at a great price, put the entire thing around $1300, which easily puts all four 18"s at full 30mm excursion. Nice quality and nice quantity of bass. Not too long ago, AE offered their superb 15" IB driver at $100 apiece! Quite likely the finest IB driver...
Worried? Or wondering about?
too funny
Michael,I too think he's gained significantly with the new quasi baffle-wall like approach. I've posted before I believe the acoustic efficiencies of the current approach create a great peak summation of in phase energy. Whereas the old approach suffered a somewhat less than optimal SBIR laden impulse ... especially up in the region where notnyt first noted the subjective benefits. I like what he's done, he was encountering bottoming concerns, he addressed it...noting the...
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