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This would be correct, anytime you're placing yourself in a high pressure boundary region, up adjacent to any boundaries, that an area of high pressure, and all modes are maximized there.Take it a step farther and move to the corner, especially the opposite diagonal corner, all modes are maximized.But back to being directly in front of the sub, and on the floor boundary, both boundary effects and near field effects elicit the effects you seek.Adequate level, good in phase...
Right, but what's relevancy to the series parallel aspect you mentioned?Regarding the quad driver comments, that came up a few weeks ago, from Beastaudio and Nick, from SI, here's some of that;That's my take, it's entirely possible I'm missing something.Here's the entire discussion, spanning 7 posts.Thanks
One more very important one; http://www.aespeakers.com/
http://www.usspeaker.com/homepage.htm Once you go high sensitivity, high output, you'll never look back, .... j/k, but great site. Also http://www.diysoundgroup.com/ A grass roots effort resulting in off the chart value and superb performance
I understand
Another idea. I have a cheapo Klipsch Pro-Media 2.1 sat/sub three piece system, and the sub is way too localizable. So, I placed it up in a corner, behind my monitor, centered between the two sats. That said, and merely with an eye on not buying anything, experiment a bit ... and raise the crossover point ... so the sub handles most of the punch region, off loading the mains. If needed for localizable effects, elevate the sub up on a shelf/bracket etc., as I...
LTD, Don't you think the 1kw-15", near-field, right between his legs, 1/8th space corner loaded subwoofer ... can achieve this? IMO, fire the sub into the corner and look elsewhere for the issue (i.e., LCD capability of mains, properly blending mains with sub etc) Just sayin', dude ...
I like that better than the quarter wavelength point, improved wavelaunch with less smeared energy over time.Also, great point wrt IB or baffle wall, I placed my quad 18" IB in the 1/8th space loading of a corner. Yes, it is (corner placement) contraindicated for modal excitation, but it's been fine.
Chalugadp, http://www.padrick.net/LiveSound/SubwooferInfo.htm Here's a FOH engineer (near me I believe, never met) that's got an interesting web page, with good info on boundary summation etc., specifically how subs interact with the adjacent boundaries.
Marty, make the dividing wall a integral part of the HT's acoustic treatment ..i.e., either a diaphragmatic lossy trap, or something similar... if possible.The HT needs to "see" the extra volume of the adjacent space at low frequencies, yet retain the remaining spectrum above.Quite an opportunity ... non-starter?IMO, a great way to implement the aforementioned sba (which requires total absorption the rear wall)
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