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Curvomatichttp://www.curvomatic.com/home.htmlPI Used it on one of his builds
that looks nice Jeff. I have a question. Is there a reason (sound wise) to offset the mid and tweeter from the center line? ive seen lots of speakers that do this and ive always been curious. I feel ascetically things look better when they are symmetrical
20/2 TWC western NY fastest plan i can get
i doubt you will even be able to tell. the mic on my camera pretty much does not record anything below 80hz
you can move to the boonies in western NY for a fraction of that you can get 11 acres in the boonies for like 22 grand
well im 1/2 way there, i got the power thing figured out
loli really like how those looktriangle ports are really nice
Man Jake, you are even more build carazy than i am cant wait to see what you do. I got 3 of the Quad 4s coming and maybe a SI24
yea the AE TD15 M or X could also be considered
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