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According the user manual, it's 100BASE-TX. My gigabit switch confirms this. (The gigabit LED is unlit.)But I think that's more than sufficient because the TX-NR818 streams only audio anyway.
Are able to control other components besides the TX-NR818? Are you using a mix of IR, RS-232, and IP?Ideally, my "activitiy" list would look something like this:MovieDisplay Monitor: CinemaAudyssey: Reference/MovieDynamic EQ: OnReference Offset: 0dBDyanmic Volume: OffSubwoofer: 0dBButtkicker: 0dBRock MusicDisplay Monitor: VividAudyssey: Flat/MusicDynamic EQ: OnReference Offset: 15dBDyanmic Volume: OffSubwoofer: +2dBButtkicker: -5dBTVDisplay Monitor: StandardAudyssey:...
Unfortunately, the Harmony One is IR only.Thanks for the heads up re: RS-232 and remotecentral.com. I downloaded the ISCP (Integra Serial Control Protocol) spreadsheet and took a quick look. Wow! This stuff is amazing! Bi-directional communication, direct access to Audyssey and listening modes, etc. It does everything. Even works over IP. If only it works over IR... I almost forgot about the 1dB volume control.
+1My UBT-1 autoswitches to USB whenever my phone tries to connect, even when I'm already using another input, e.g. watching TV or Blu-Ray. To make matters worse, the range is very poor compared to my other Bluetooth devices. If I walk around the room, my phone often disconnects and reconnects, and the input is hijacked repeatedly. Very annoying indeed.BTW, does anyone know if it's possible to change the volume control to do 1dB steps? I don't like the 0.5 steps. I can...
Why not? HD audio is the first thing I remove. I even compress core DTS tracks to 640kbps AC-3. The only exceptions are 6.1 or 7.1 tracks, and that's only because I haven't figured out how to compress them with ffmpeg. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Does anyone know if it's possible can control the NSX-46GT1 with an IR remote? Does it have an IR sensor? Can I use a Harmony ONE or am I stuck with the bundled RF controller?
You can localize your subwoofer in that position? That doesn't sound right. If you have any channel crossed higher than 100Hz (including the surround or rear channels), you should to set the LPF of the LFE to 100Hz. Otherwise, the LFE channel is outputting the redirected low frequencies from those channels. To be extra safe (if you're very sensitive to bass directionality), use 80Hz instead of 100Hz. But keep in mind that setting the LPF lower than 120Hz can filter...
Have you tried a higher crossover point, maybe 80Hz or even 100Hz? It will shift some of the midbass from your Tens to your SC1, where you may have more flexibility with placement.
Makes sense to me. And I'm only looking at 80Hz and up. I accept that I'll absolutely need a subwoofer. And that I'll have to pay much more. But I don't think I can accept (decidedly) lower sound quality from a speaker that's priced 9 times higher.
Actually I couldn't find many reviews for the Monitor Audio R250. I bought it mainly because it's Monitor Audio and it's on sale at Amazon for only $100 each. I was hoping that Monitor Audio wouldn't put their name on speakers unless they're at least acceptable. While I completely agree that speakers are highly subjective, I also think there are certain objective measurements that's common to all good speakers, e.g. relatively flat response from 80Hz to 20Hz. The Mythos...
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