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they are both crappy it's hard to pick the worse one. what was that south park saying? turd sandwich vs ....
I just got an update thus morning. the version is the same, so I am assuming (didn't check) that the widget sever/code got updated.
I used a CD-RW just burned with not allowing extra sessions (I think this was important) and it worked just fine.
I think that one or more of the apps are causing the problems. I would suggest removing all apps then slowly re adding then one at a time to see what's up. my guess is that the Netflix app is causing the problems . I don't have it installed anymore and my tv has been working perfectly
Okay, maybe its working better for me because i basically stopped using the widgets on the TV for anything. I was using the netflix widget (when i had netflix) now i pretty much never use the widgets (except maybe once a month to see if there is anything interesting there)
I have a Sony AVR and a vizio 551 I also tried turning on the cec etc stuff but nothing really worked well. thIs was a long time ago but I haven't tried since the firmware updates.
Yeah that counts, mine is actually working perfectly. But to be honest i actually only look at the widgets like once a month or so, then only look at the weather and stocks. Maybe its one of the widgets that is causing problems. I have the following widgets installed Yahoo Finance Yahoo Weather Pandora Yahoo News hulu plus moves on-demand CNBC real-time
I recently connected my 551 to a wired connection and the random reboots have stopped. it's been working great fir about 2 months now. I think that the reboots are possibly due to a problem with vizios wifi drivers.
Amazon has Clerks 15th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray) for $9.99. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002LMOCJ0
By Default the RG unit is the DNS server for the network, and its a very poor dns server. It would actually work best to use DNS servers that are on AT&Ts network ( i have mine set to,
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