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We were able to reproduce and have a ticket filed to fix.  Thanks!
  We haven't been able to reproduce this one yet in IE9 / Win7.  What OS are you using?  Are you seeing this on every thread page every time?  Do you have compatibility view enabled?   Thanks!
UPDATE: Back up in 51 mins
Hey folks, we're scheduling some down time for about an hour starting at 12.30pm PDT in order to fix some of the following issues: * Restoring some older missing post and threads * Repair some of the minor markup issues in posts (like the tabs that were changed to " ") Currently we're also concurrently working on some of these main issues and will have these updated shortly: * Tapatalk support * Tables malformatted * Attachments not downloading * Old subscriptions URL...
Citibear - sorry for the disruption. Which pages are you finding hardest to navigate to? The Quickstart Guide may help, and I've found a lot of folks looking for their User CP are happy to find the "Subscriptions" link in the top right of the page. All of your existing subscriptions should have imported to help you find your usual hang out spots.There is a quote button within the text editor for PMs, so you can cut and paste text in and reference it as a quotation, but no,...
Sorry about that! Definitely some weirdness on the first day, but looks like it was easy to correct. Glad you are enjoying the new platform!
Good suggestion, but this feature doesn't currently exist on the new platform. There of course is a way for someone to directly link to a post, but nothing right now that only shows a single post within a thread.
HI! Yes, it's at the top of the page under the forum title:
Hi there! Glad you're liking the system. No wildcard support right now, but you should be able to easily go to last post from the home page activity feed (new) and then again on the main sub-forum page which lists all of the last posts. Additionally here is some info on the last undread posts. Hope that helps!
Hi there! Yes Tapatalk is replacing ForumRunner and it will be added as David mentioned later on today.
New Posts  All Forums: