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My Philips HTS8100 Soundbar works fine in most areas except now it won't play DVDs anymore. Basically, I put the DVD in the Soundbar and it makes noises like it's reading it, then a few seconds later it says "Unknown Disc" on my screen. I tried multiple different DVDs that used to play fine and it keeps doing this. Anyone have a solution? Or is it time for me to get a new sound bar? This thing has got to be at least 1.5 years old at this point. Didn't think it would...
Hello all, Got my Apple TV hooked up to my TV just fine yesterday, but need to get it connected to my Philips HTS8100 Soundbar. The Apple TV only has just one audio audio port and it's optical. I'm completely clueless when it comes to this and wondering what kind of optical chord to get that will go from my Apple TV to my Philips Soundbar. Thanks, Paul
I registered my TV immediately when I bought it in case I would have to use the 1 year manufacturer's warranty. I contacted LG via email and their responses were fast which is good. I requested a technician coming out and they were going to send one but all the available times were during my work hours. As a result, they gave me the numbers for a few local TV shops that could be more flexible with times and I got in contact with one that could send a technician early in...
I'm still getting lip sync issues when playing DVDs with my 55LE5400 set. Some DVDs will have this problem consistently throughout the movie, whereas with other DVDs it'll only happen in one or two scenes total. Any suggestions for getting this problem fixed?
Always heard LGs had issues but wow, if I came upon this thread before buying my 55LE5400 I probably would've steered clear. I don't have a Blu-ray player so haven't experienced drop outs. When I first played a DVD via my HD player there were some lip-sync issues - but ever since I calibrated the settings on the TV I haven't experienced this again with DVDs. So all in all, so far so good. Really really impressed with picture quality. Although, I was a little confused...
No one else has experienced lip sync problems with DVDs? Also, any thoughts on using Cnet's calibrations for the XXLE5500? http://forums.cnet.com/5208-19410_10...&tag=mncol;txt
Finally hooked up my 55LE5400 this week. Really enjoying pt660's calibrations listed above (and I also keep TruMotion off). Such a great TV!! Big question is, has anyone else experienced lip sync issues when playing DVDs? I use my Philips sound bar which has a built-in DVD player; it's plugged directly into my TV. Not sure how else to approach this issue except to contact LG at this point...pain.
Just connected my LG 55LE5400 and was about halfway through "The Fifth Element" DVD (playing from my Phillips sound bar) and then there were major lip sync issues. Before buying this TV, I read reviews on LGs about lip sync issues... Has anybody experienced this and figured out a way to fix in on their LG 55LE5400?
Maybe not so much of a steal...I checked online and the TV was manufactured on 03/31/2009. *Fyi, not purchased from BB.
Found a thread on this forum for calibration for the Samsung UNXXBXXXX models and tried a few last night but just wasn't completely in love. I tried cnet's calibrations for optimal movie watching but found it a bit too dark though I understand their logic when they say it's truer to what the filmmaker wanted you to see. My room is very bright and I like a bright, vibrant, sharp picture. The TV was originally a display model at the store and the calibrations it had...
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