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Can anyone suggest a TV retailer or TV seller or TV company, where i will not be fooled & I can go there without any hesitation or confusion .
hey can anyone tell me do the excessive contrast or lower contrast setting affect the eyes? Should I go to eye doctor or should my TV be repaired.
do you have a forum or can you share a post where i get the information about what to do in high voltage or over voltage condition or a spike in voltage.
Hey guys, why all of You try wireless mouse, so that you can keep it anywhere you want & it will not bother you.
Can you put some wallpaper(landscape,photo of river,sea etc.) on the wall behind the tv screen. I think then the tv screen will not seems to be tiny on this large wall.
please upload a picture of this whole room. you have given information about the fittings of this room, but i want to see this.Please upload a picture.
I don't think you should take anyone's suggestion, because your setup is awesome. But i think you should upload a photo of this room's surroundings, i mean a photo of the surroundings through the window, because while watching theater sitting in this room i would like to feel the feelings of the environment.
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