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This forum needs a person eating popcorn emoticon.
Yep! And considering how X-Men First Class was a first class bluray release as far as ULF is concerned, we can only hope for the same with this offering once it's released later this year.Thanks for the heads up.
I too have dedicated 20 amp/10 awg wire but do not have any surge protection. All the utility lines are buried in these parts and we rarely have any problem with outages. Never the less, if I leave for extended periods, I simply flip the breaker to all my AV equipment.
I was about to say the same thing but ya beat me to it. I would only add that if he can wait long enough, hold out for a Stratus C6i center. I had the C5 matched up with some Silvers before I acquired my Goldi and it always seemed to be struggling a bit to keep up.
Copy that! I'm right on your heels re-watching gems from last year. Forgot what a clean, dynamic and ULF friendly track this movie contains. The video is flat gorgeous and once it went to color I was thinking all the while how the picture matches up well with Avatar.
The bluray.com review of The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug" is out. In the audio part of the review which gets 5 stars (who woulda thunk), the first paragraph seems dedicated to ...........us here? There was a small but vocal minority of audiophiles who expressed concern over An Unexpected Journey's lossless audio mix because its low-end output wasn't all it could be. I admittedly didn't notice anything amiss at the time of my review, and still find it difficult to discern...
16 bit, 24 bit.........all that really matters is............ garbage in, garbage out! It's as simple as that.
On your suggestion I just finished watching MoS a second time. I quickly realized early on that it sounded much better that I remembered. Probably had a lot to do with the fact that DW wasn't watching this time so I turned it up......way up! (-12 main, +3 sub)I take back what I said a while back........this was not the worst soundtrack of 2013. Haven't given much thought to which one was.
Actually, the Parasound did come with some primitive software that allows for automatic distance and volume correction but doesn't differentiate high pass and low pass filtering. So in answer to your question, no, I'm just using the distance set by the pre and balancing the trim levels with an SPL meter and test tones. I also have the sub and speakers crossed at 80hz and am not able to set different crossover points for surrounds vs. mains. It works OK but I'm wondering if...
I realize that this may be a bit OT but since there has been much discussion of late regarding XT32 and SubEQ, I have a question. I currently am using a Parasound pre that has no HDMI or room correction. What magnitude of benefit would I realize if I switch to a good pre-pro like the Marantz 8801? Will it be a "day and night" difference or just sort of so-so? I'm currently running one FV15HP in a 5800 cu ft room with plans to get a second.
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