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Just wondering if there are any affordable stbs with xbmc for streaming addons (navi-x, one channel etc) which offers sd out (component or composite) besides the atv 1st gen. I have an atv and am looking to replace it as it has been too much trouble. Thanjs
Are there any choices besides ATV? Ive heard ATV2 performance is sluggish with xbmc is that true? I only want xbmc for the addons, I have a seperate box office for my local content, just want a cheap xbmc + addon solution. thanks
Here's the thing, I already have a settop streamer for my local and networked movies, what i want now is basically something to exclusively play xbmc default skin with about 10 different addons. I am starting to think an ATV 1 or 2 would be the best bet for this limited purpose. I have priced out a few of the g530 builds from local retailers (canada) and can do a complete ssd setup for just over $300, but when an atv is $100, seems like a no brainer unless i am missing...
I don't need a big hard drive, I'd rather get an off the shelf type, but building my own isn't totally out of the question. Smaller is better but not a requirement.
Thanks for those lists, just wanted to clear a few things up. I should revise my post to say inexpensive instead of cheap. Preferably under $300 CAD. Is the ATV1 the way to go? What about the BCM70015 how does that work? Will the new xtreamer with built in xbmc be the way to go? Will off the shelf nettops do the trick? Thanks.
Hi, I am looking for something (htpc or other) that will allow me to run XBMC via HDMI to my tv. built in wifi is a plus, but 10/100 is fine. Preferably not really sluggish either. I do not need HD audio, 1080p, big hard drive etc. I just want something cheap to run xbmc and various addons, and maybe stream the odd
So what about these out of curiosity's sake? http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/nv...842045500.html http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rd...850580107.html http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rc...850492920.html
what are your thoughts (if any) on Yamaha?
A quick thought, might you let me in on why you prefer certain brands/amps? Might save me alot of mindless thread spamming in the future.
Sorry to keep bumping this thread, but neither of the people i was hoping answered my emails. That usually means the items are sold in me experience. I am still hunting and came across a few receivers that I would like an opinion...
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