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Amazon has existing HBO content in the Amazon Instant Video store- it just hasn't been released to Prime (yet) and you have to purchase it. My GoT Season 2 Blu Ray discs gave you me options for digital copy: iTunes, UV and Amazon. I redeemed the Amazon and UV copies (gave me both!) And GoT S2 is in my video library.GoT 1080p on Amazon Instant via Fire HDX tablet
1080p on my Fire HDX tablet. (Game of Thrones Season 2 Bluray digital copies) Took two minutes to shift from 720p to 1080p.
Older HBO content isn't exactly crap either. I've been dying to watch From the Earth to the Moon and Deadwood again and I'm curious about shows I missed like The Wire or Oz But no mention of shows like Sex and the City or Game of Thrones? Makes me wonder if they're saving those big guns for another provider.
Whoa. Did not see that coming. No mention of Game of Thrones is very interesting.
Recent interview w/ Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia on Cordkillers. The interview runs 25 mins. http://youtu.be/bi3y0io2tmA
I don't think mine came with the lower-half green sticker. IIRC, the Roamio Plus/Pro models have a fan on the chassis, while the Base Roamio does not. But I do believe there's ample vent slots for the HDD to work without cooking. I do believe there is a diagnostic that shows HDD temp somewhere in the settings. But as an aside, I've had HDDs in external enclosures with no ventilation / fans and they've never cooked / failed.
I went with a 3 TB AV drive instead of the Green. Painless and perfect.WD AV-GP 3TB AV Video Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, SATA II, 64 MB Cache - WD30EURSI know some claim that the AV is just a repackaged Green drive- but the price difference is only $10 and the AV drive does have slightly better performance.
The Fire TV reviews on Amazon aren't encouraging after a week of availability; 3.7 out of 5 stars. (compared to 4.3 for the Roku 3 and Fire HDX 7" tablet) I'm hoping this leads to some price-slashing.
Redefining the STB? Better/faster than the Roku, more options than the smart TV/blu-ray apps?Somebody's going find a way to make webcams and Skype work with the Fire TV...
My highest comes in at 72, and the lowest at 47. No issues.The older TiVo HD upstairs gets about 15-20% stronger reception. (fewer walls between antenna / broadcast source) A few channels peg the meter. Not sure if both Series 5 and Series 3 use the same Signal Strength diagnostic... but I'm betting yes. The strongest indicator of signal strength issues are "(Partial)" recordings. I used to get those a lot before I moved and ended up closer to the towers.
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