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Dark times, dark times indeed.
Makes sense given the technology underneath and how it works.
I can see the difference on my 17" CRT. Looks fantastic. Can't wait for all this emissive tech to finally hit the stores, esp. in PC monitors. Imagine replaying through everything again with that amazing contrast.
Yep, that's right. I posted this to both places at the same time. Thanks for the reply here and there
Do you think a HV probe like this would make it possible to measure the G2? It has quite high impedance. I am going to need one of those for the HV sooner or later anyway...
http://www.uni-trend.com/UT58E.html I just bought this thing. It says Input Impedance: around 10 MW (isn't this supposed to be measured in Ohms?). How high does it have to be then? I can't find any meters on the manufacturer's site that actually have more than that. Is there any way to get around this? I was also measuring the 85V line on the monitor yesterday and that worked without any problems... (it was spot on 85.0).
10-15 years.
Hi, I just want to ask is it normal when measuring the G2 voltage on a CRT (negative lead on metal chassis, positive on G2 solder joint on neck-board) for the screen to dim significantly and lots of sparking sounds to be heard from the CRT (as if the monitor is turning off)? I have a 21" monitor that I am trying to measure but every time I touch the G2 pin the screen dims and crazy noises start coming from the tube, I am worried not to burn something out. Is grounding...
Is the Xrite DTP-94 still a viable buy or is there a better option? I can get it for ~180$ shipped from eBay (in the Monaco Optix XR package). Any place that I could buy just the meter cheaper?
Hello all, I'd like to request some assistance in finding a good device to calibrate my PC monitor (Sony GDM-FW900, 24" CRT). It has a 4-pin TTL service port which allows interfacing with the monitor via a service program called Sony WinDAS, which adjusts the unit's internal EEPROM and allows for various adjustments, more importantly the white balance for 5000K, 6000K and 9300K as well as G2 and all the relevant voltages of the monitor. I will be doing all of the...
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