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I go to see films at the theater at least 3 times a year but no more than that and I get most of the films that come out on Blu-Ray Disc as soon as the pre orders go up.
Thank You David_OSU I set the brightness to 45 percent and that helped out a lot. I thought about 66 but 45 is a good number percentage of brightness for me.
Question AVS'ers I need some help I'm running the THX Optimizer via the T2 Blu-Ray Disc which brightness number should it be set to on the wd 60638? I'm using the natural mode on the TV. Any help here on that would be great. Thanks.
Not surprised to hear about this news. It was going to happen sooner or later.
Panasonic's announcement that they were going discontinue Plasma television production. That was a big news story of 2013.
No I don't like the look of HFR I will take regular 2D any day over 3D and high frame rate. I can't stand high frame rate and 3D.
Dolby Laboratories has change the way we hear film sound in the theaters and in the home for the last 48 years and counting and Ray Dolby was a big part of it. RIP Ray Dolby and thank you for making our movies sound better.
Thanks for the help and info @Colour
Thanks acaoacao I plan on getting a new bulb for my WD60638 next month. What do I do though if the TV is out of warranty could I still order a new bulb from mitsuparts.3diamonds.com ? The reason I ask is because I rented and got the TV from Aarons rental place and it's all paid off.
Got some questions which picture mode on the WD60638 is the best brilliant , bright , or natural? Also my lamp life is about to go would now be the time to get a replacement lamp or wait a month? Thanks.
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