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This is the sub http://www.rythmikaudio.com/F12.htmlI am using a denon 4311 to drive it all. The home theater change is downright astounding. I am done with the real theater unless I have to see something in 3D which is pretty rare. The DS3 Dipole sides fill in space and engulf you with sound. When I switch them to standard mode the effect is immediately noticeable and the sound is obviously coming from a very noticeable location on the sides of the room, nowhere near...
Will the Sony 790 do the following for me ? Easily access and play movies files stored HTPC or HP mediasmart server Stream netflix in 5.1 Upconvert DVD's and compressed movie files stored on my HTPC/Server so they are viewable on a 120" screen If not any suggestions ?
Ya , you are right. I guess i was looking for any insight on what people typically do or useful experience. I assumed there is a reason that out of the box it defaults to LFE and not LFE + mains but maybe I am wrong. I was curious if turning it to LFE+mains has any effect on how the mains perform, the manual isn't very clear. Does it take the lows and shift them to the sub or do they perform the same and the sub is just adding additional lows ?
if you have a better upscaler in your BD player can or should you turn the one off in the denon ?
Base/Sub Setting I am curious what most people do when they have two large speakers for L/R and a sub. LFE or LFE +Main ? If you select LFE + Main does it remove the low end and add it to the sub or do they work in conjunction? If it helps I am working with 2 CM9's for L/R and a Rythmik F10 sub in a rather large room with no doors that is used 70/30 for HT/Music.
Do most people use the RESTORER mode when listening to MP3's or streaming audio from Rhaposdy or Pandora. If so what is the most common mode ?
I have a Rythmik F12 and I just purchased a denon 4311. I am not sure how the sub settings and Audyssey XT32 work together. Can anyone provide some suggested settings for the sub. It is on a 7.1 system that is used 70/30 for HT/Music but the accuracy of the music is probably more important to me. Not sure if it matters but the L/R speakers are larger B&W CM9's and do a decent job on their own.
Does the 4311 have an video upconverter built in ? If so how does that work with the upconverter in the blu ray player as well?
there a general consensus on which player has the best upconverter ?
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