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Thank you for your reply!
Thank you for your reply, and I assumed that for 80 inches is ok! But reading the forum i am very skeptical about the lg pa 70 g. I had the lg HW300 g and i sold it after one week losing 300 euro! I could'nt accept a projection at 80 inches and be so dim, 55 inches was ok, that's why I still have a fear!
Please can you tell me what is the diagonal in inches of the screen that you projecting your LG, considering the statement that you are not satisfied from the brightness?
Hello!I am selling the 10 days lg hx300g that i have ,for 460 euro!There is no problem with it ,i am selling it for other reasons,i am from Athens Greece . Email to absoluteblade@yahoo.com !Bye.
I have for one week the lg hx300g, its a great high end technology projector, it can even play all the hd files mkv etc.But i want something else, because i have a huge space to project on.I live in Greece and have got it from Germany.I want to give it away!If someone want the projector send an email at absoluteblade@yahoo.com!BYE
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