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That mac one is blue-tooth and is compatible with BT adaptor im pretty sure :P
Have you thought about the apple BT keyboard... http://www.apple.com/au/keyboard/ http://www.caseme.com.au/bluetooth-w...a32c7165749ffe
Just went and had a full medical on Wednesday for a new job im going for Part of the test was hearing ... it turns out that i have "Subsonic" hearing as i can actually hear bellow 0dB LOL.. go figure Edit.. Im a mechanical trade based fitter in teh mining sector for the last 10 years .. i should be a lot worse then i am Tom
Just called the retailer. he would of been happy to take it back as warretny but the he realised i said april 2010 instead of 2011 he seems to think it maybe a main board and if it is then its about a $200-400AUD fix If thats the case i might send it in for a repair but i really would love the new UN46D7000-8000 *Edit Just called a couple of repair centres.. shady buggers, most wont quotee on a main board repaisr over the phone even with serial numbers But one thinks...
Hey everyone Just the other day my screen decided to have a small heart attack followed by me. I have a Samsung UA46B7100, Nice little monitor i bought about 15 months ago as a refurbished unit off Ebay. Of course it decided to play up Heres some photos As you can see its where ever theres bright pixels Mouse sitting for 30 seconds Taking out the HTPC and AMP still shows that the shadowing is happening (this is a shot of the TVs radio symbol without the HTPC and...
XBMC all the way Been using it for over 6 years now and wouldnt do without it Its even better now that ive realized all i have to install on my HTPC is Windows, Nvidia drivers and XBMC and i can then bitstream and play 1080p mkvs Making a fresh install from USB up and watching movies well under one hour Being able to add folders via SMB network is probably the best feature for me as i am an avid hater of both homegroup and transcoding
Im using the Harmony One with my iMon receiver and software Just purchased a MCE reiever in the hopes that it reduces the huge amounts of lag you get when trying to control the HTPC and for about $25AUD delivered from ebay id say its a cheaper option then the logitech if all you need is IR control Tom
Ok so its a little big for my Silverstone case But just had to reinstall windows and go through the usual stuff that you always have to go though except i didnt have too Thought id give no sound drivers a go and see what happend with XBMC Well perfect PCM everything with Denon 3310 without installing anything but XBMC and nvidia drivers I dont know about anyone else but for going through a fresh install usually takes me close to a week to get through all the standard...
tman i went with the LC-16 myself Only issue i have with the case is that if you go full size 460GTX vid card your really limited on the drive you can go ATM i dont have anything but it seems ill have the either swap the card out for a shorter version or the liteon BD drive is about the only drive option i have Apart from that its a bloody great case and looks brilliant next to my Denon 3310
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