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As always WAJO this is an excellent post. Sadly the 5710 /5750 are very limited devices: No Inputs (HD or SD). No Cable Card slot. Single tuner. Can't support QAM. Limited NTSC compatibility. Don't have support of other standars like DVB-T2. Don't have buffer recording (Yet). Can't recording using a guide (Yet). Can't record from analog chanels. Can't edit a single title. Can't export watcheable recordings. Can't play Blu Ray discs. Don't came with a fee mobile...
Besides the PixelMagic models I guess not. Because the Hauppauge HD PVR 2, only has one HDMI input.
Thank you very much! A very clear explanation.Also over the form factor Wajo said that:Which in Newegg are recommended For Video Surveillance.BTW the Hitachi HGST HDS721050CLA362 is now OUT OF STOCK there!
These units will export the recordings via USB? Also, where are the HD inputs? Without HD capture capacities, those units are expensive and useless.
OMG! When, where, how much?
Hello my friends... two simple HDD questions... 1. Which Hard Drvie from Newegg do you recommend to my 513? (Looks like the Hitachi brand has been almost retired from market!) 2. Will a Seagate HDD work fine with the Maggie or must I bit the bullet and buy a more expensive (and reliable?) Western Digital? As always, thanks!
I'll bet he is from Britain.
That isn't a recorder problem, but a cable co one. If your Pana could record the cable signal, the Maggy sure will do.
The Maggy has a great PQ, HQ and SP modes are awesome, but it lacks a 0 / 7.5 IRE setup circuit.If you are going to build a HTPC don't forget to add a HDMI input device like the Hauppauge HD PVR 2.
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