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Regarding the price match at BBY (or Paul's price) on the 65": 1) Does BBY have a 0% financing going? How many months? 2) Do we have any idea of how many of the 65" are still around? Is manufacture shut down? 3) Total speculation here, but some of you may have a feeling: how much do you think my ChadB calibrated 60" VT60 would be worth?
I do agree that enable/disable function should be a "no-brainer", but doesn't turning the volume all the down achieve the same thing? I use the ARC for Netflix or Youtube, for example. No need for an optical cable.
Teenage dream. Would be interesting to contrast with a system comprised of hi-end audio components.
You are in for a treat. Enjoy!
Vivid is flat out terrible. You will never know how incredible any given reference panel is until it is pro calibrated.
You might describe what you are seeing on a particular "reference" blu-ray or two that other members are likely to be familiar with.
Interesting. I'd consider an extra low FL calibration in the future. I'll have to learn more between now and when I upgrade in a few years.
+1I was wishing that Root Sports looked that good for Pirates games! That I don't understand. Why does the all-star game broadcast look so amazing on a calibrated panel, but yet Root's broadcasts are simply ok?!
That is fine, but you are not seeing anywhere close what your panel is capable of. Look at the report I posted above. See the "before"? Yours will look even worse than that. Red isn't red. Green won't be green. And blue won't be blue. And the balance of those from black to white will not be flat. I'd never considered calibration before the past year or so, but it only takes a single lesson to "get it".Enjoy your panel for a few months and when the budget allows,...
Force? And that 3rd party baseline is what is used for the content!You would be mistaken. Audio is far, far more complicated and subjective. It's not even worth discussing.Picture quality can be measured accurately almost completely independent of the room and the measurements are far, far more comprehensive and connected to what the normal human eye can see. When we watch a blu-ray movie on a pro calibrated TV then we are seeing what we are intended to see up to the...
New Posts  All Forums: