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Hurry ... only ten left in stock!
I'm sure that SVS is a good company and sells quality products, but I would not know which of the various companies to choose from, nor which product from their lines. Reading various threads here on AVS everyone recommends different models and they are mostly $1000 or so, and if I don't like it I have to send it back (and yes I know some pay for that but it is still a hassle).I use twin Klipsch Sub12's for HT in the living room and the Polk 660 is in the bedroom where we...
I think I paid around $350 for mine about a year ago using a 40% off coupon from NewEgg, and to be honest don't use it much. It seemed to be the best sub in the Polk lineup and I went purely on its size and reputation. I know ID is supposed to give more bang for the buck, but I didn't even know where to start with little known brands that seem to pop up and disappear overnight.
If your mains (Rti10's) are configured as "small" on your AVR, then they weren't getting any bass signal from the amp. OTOH if they are LARGE or running full range, perhaps they just need to break in a bit. Should take about a month for the surrounds to loosen up. Or it could be that the jumpers on the back of the speakers are loose, though it is unlikely that they would both be loose.
This might indicate that you were over driving them, but yeah, they do better with more power.And old amps rock (like us old guys)
I have the DSW660, use it with my Lsi9's and it's an okay sub... a bit muddy and inarticulate, but has a solid bottom end. After owning several model subs I prefer downfiring as well.
I tried having a LastFM acct for a few months a couple years ago but dropped it.Now I just use vtuner.Care to share the info?
Yeah, when you said it flowed better with thr fronts, I assumed that's what you meant... But you also did mention timbre matching.I ran M70's with M60's for a while before upgrading to Rti's and they worked very well together.
If I understand correctly, the CS2 and 25C are electrically and sonically identical. The only difference is cosmetic.
I have one on the front wall, to the left of the left main, and the other on the left wall next to the left surround. Our LR opens on the right side into the dining room and kitchen, so that dictated where the subs could go.
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