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Quote: Originally Posted by russr You'd need 8-10mbps if you want to get 1080p on the titles that offer that. i don't even think you can get 720p with 1.5mbps. You probably need more than 3 mbps to get 720p. Once when my cable internet connection down for half a day I used my backup DSL connection, which was 3 mbps, for NetFlix and the streams were usually Medium/SD and occasionally High/SD.
He'll need powered speakers if he doesn't want to hook up a receiver. He could always use a set of computer speakers though. Even a cheap $50 pair of computer speakers would usually give you much better sound then any built in TV speakers.
Speak of the devil, I just ran into my first bug, or at least major bug, in the game. I just walking around in a side mission and all of a sudden Shepard ended up floating in midair and stuck. Good thing the game had an autosave just a few seconds earlier though. So that was no biggie.
I played about 20 hours of the game and never really noticed any of the bugs that seem to be mentioned in the reviews. But I never played the game on the 360 and only played ME1 for the PC. So maybe its because I don't have basis for comparasion. Either way the game seems to run very smooth. I read somewhere that this is the same game engine used to run Mass Effect 3 on the PS3 too.
Ditto. Just get PS3 Meida Server for seamless streaming from your PC to PS3. Streaming from WMP12 isn't horrible by any means but you would be missing out of features like transcoding for uncompatiable files. Plus when I used WMp12 I would experience streaming errors midway through a video every now and then. Switched over to PS3 Media Server and never had those problems anymore.
Sometimes that's normal with WiFi. Unlike a wired connection, the speed of WiFi can fluctuate due to interference and other issues. Also the built in WiFi in the PS3 isn't the strongest from what I've seen. Having a wired connection to your router would give you the best performance. If that isn't an option then there are other choices like one of those ethernet power line adapters. Maybe even a wireless ethernet bridge that support wireless n might give you better...
That is normal for the PS3 and other electronics. It should just be the plastic epxanding due to the heat unless it is really loud.
Just picked the game up last week. Gotta say with all the side missions this is a long game. They do recycle the same maps over and over again though. The tiny maps which are split into sections and the squad limit of 6 makes the battles less epic then the first. But they probably had to do that because of the PSP limitations. I do like how they have different branches for each class. Trying to get the exact credits needed to upgrade a class can be a bit frusting...
Maybe its time to upgrade to an HDMI receiver. There should be some good deals out there between black friday to christmas.
You can always open the internet browser on the PS3 and go to a site like speedtest.net to see if it maxes out your internet connection.
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