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Is Forum Runner also going to be added? I have both but prefer Forum Runner due to some features it has which makes things a bit nicer if your have several forums and I also have 1 forum doesn't support both(2 if you count AVS that never supported either outside of the branded app).
Yeah, I was thinking it likely had something to do w/ RDP & hopes for softsled, but that would only be for the Wmc server & not for the clients (at least on the current Windows line).I also hope that the media pack can be ran on Server 8 especially if we do get softsled(I'd like to do away w/ VMs on my server.
You shouldn't get any channels added w/o them be found during a scan or manually added unless you're using a cablecard tuner were your provider sends the channel lineup to the cablecard and and 7MC reads it off it. Since your using a clearQAM/OTA tuner the only thing I can think of that could do this is a backup restore (either done automatically by 7MC do to line file getting corrupted or by you doing tot he system).
What exactly is your you signal levels on the channels giving you problems? I found that I'll start seeing some pixelation at anything less than -2.5db and you can forget about even trying to watch anything at the so called lower spec of -10db started from Ceton(at least that has been the case w/ both of the Cetons I had). Your HDD can also cause this problem for live TV if it or it's controller's i/o is over loaded, and a failing HDD could also have greatly reduced...
I've used the Ceton w/ 7MC, SageTV and NPVR. SageDCT can be used for both SageTV and NPVR so it's likely it could be used w/ other DVR backends.
FlexRAID's drive pooling and RAID engine are separate, you can have all, some or non of the drives in the pool be part of the the RAID. There is no limit on size or number of drives in the pool. For RAID you parity drive/s is normally the same size as your lagrest drive but it doesn't have to be, IIRC it must only be as big as the largest amount of data on a single drive. The drives in that are used in flexRAID can also be part of Hardware/softRAID arrays so if you need a...
Pretty much any universal remote can be programmed w/ MCE remote commands and you can USB MCE IR receivers(they can be found for $20 and con w/ a remote) so you can hide the HTPC and just have the receiver out in line of sight if using IR or hidden away w/ the the IR blaster for a RF universal remote.
Since you already use My Movies WHS, I'd just install My Movies media center client of the same version level as your on your WHS so no db update will be needed(or update your WHS to the current version if it's not already and let it update the db) and use that as your front. You can use TMT 5 or any other player which all can be easily set w/ My Movies.
From Ceton change log-HW v4447: Fixes for recording football games There's also the possibility that the NFL game was actually flagged copy never.
When we turn the TV on, it sends a power on command to the AVR and HTPC which normally brings the HTPC out of S3(if it's not already awake or in S5-which it will then power up). When we turn off the TV it sends a power off command to the AVR and HTPC which will put it into S3 unless it's doing something that prevents suspend like recording but it will then suspends once it's done. We don't normally use a keyboard on the HTPC but we have a logitech mini dinovo sitting on...
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