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Another quick question: If I update the firmware of the AIOS, either with the official or semi-official version, will I lose all my custom settings that I put in already?
Thanks for the insights, aasoror.
Thanks for the info, aasoror. I will check out those references. I have your semi-official R21_3.0.1.7 already downloaded, I just wanted to make sure the box worked ok as is and check out the stock FW before I fiddled.My LG BD570 Blu-ray player, which I have wired into my LAN, has both an MLB.tv and Netflix app (in addition to YouTube, Pandora, etc.). So, I suspect it is POSSIBLE for the AIOS to have those apps as well. It just takes someone with the know how to...
@aasoror, I just purchased an AIOS and I am learning my way around it. So far, it is working just great and has played all the different types of media I have thrown at it on my local network. It came with firmware v2.8.3.2, and I have not yet tried doing a firmware update. Can you point me to a page that explains the major differences between the AIOS stock firmware and yours? Also, are there MLB.tv or Netflix apps available for the AIOS? If not, is there any chance...
Does anyone know if the Pivos AIOS HD has or will have an app to view MLB.tv? Where can I find a list of all the apps available for the AIOS HD?
Splicer, You can download 323.C from: http://www.dexid.org/wiki/LG_BD570 and (for fallback, if needed) 339.C from: http://www.lg.com/us/support/product...roduct-profile
When I downloaded and updated my BD570 to 339.C on my WIRED connection at 2:00 AM MDT, it worked the first time and took less than 30 minutes total. I suspect you are all running into LG server overload problems as many, many LG players are trying to download the update at the same time and sucking up LG server's bandwidth. All I can say is keep trying. If it still doesn't work during "prime time", try late tonight.
Except that the BD640 is no longer officially supported for MLB.tv, which was made known AFTER it was first listed as a supported device by MLB.tv. See: http://www.forums.mlb.com/n/pfx/foru...elp01&tid=7606
GOOD NEWS LG Blu-ray owners, I just (4/9 2:00 AM MDT) did an update check on my BD570 and found software update BD.8.31.339.C. After download and install, I checked some of today's Baseball games and they played!! I did not have time to do any long-term testing, but each game I tried played for over 5 minutes - WAAAAY better than the 3 seconds we were getting before! Also, selection of home or away feeds worked, jump to inning worked, and move forward and back worked....
I just posted (2011/4/8 22:05 MDT) the following on my FaceBook page at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/joe.r.luciano -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life is NOT So Good! Baseball fans with LG Blu-ray players have been cheated out of watching ANY baseball games so far this 2011 season due to LG not updating their MLB.tv App. Not surprisingly, LG has scored EXTREMELY POORLY in customer service. Check out:...
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