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Interesting fact Rega sold more TT's last year than in any of its last forty years.
Not for me. No Turntable.
Ultimately wen you buy it right the first time it ends up costing less in the long run. Matching the front 3 in the end will be worth the wait. My setup was 2CE's w/VSM-1's for rears. It literally put you in a seamless audio bubble. Still have wonderful memories of that system.
AS a former Vandy owner if your going w/a VCC-1 center your best bet would be the VLR-1. You won't get that seamless front sound w/another brand.
The 6T's will still get you down to 35hz which covers most musical instruments . The Tweeter is the same in both speakers. The 6T is easy to run as my dealer was trying it out w/a 60wpc CJ tube amp. Add a decent sub and you'll get most of what the 7T has to offer.
I would take a look at Winslow Burhoe's Human speaker line. Mr. Burhoe has been designing speakers since 1960 when he first worked w/AR. When he was w/Genesis speakers he developed the inverted dome tweeter. My cousin got a pair of Burhoe blues back in 1978 and still has them. In fact my late Uncle used to play tennis w/Mr. Burhoe at the time. Take a look at the Model 61 completely hand built w/excellent bass. Made in New England. Something to think about outside the box.
I got lucky w/the Thresholds. I bought them off a former Threshold VP who had them modified while he was working at Threshold. The name on the back of the Amps is Michael Bladaleius who now owns his own audio company out of Sweden. Michael Kelly who came to my dealers store to demo the 7T's and 6T's has used Parasound Halo Amps. He feels they work well power wise w/his speakers. The Emotiva amps seem interesting. But I have yet to hear any of their gear. Maybe someone is...
Currently I have a pair of modified Threshold T-50's that run Bridged at 100 wpc in Class A . The amps run hot but more than enough power. 100-200wpc plenty.
I've had the Aerial 6's for about 6 years. No thought of trading them in. W/the front port they are very easy to place in the room. I talked w/Michael Kelly a while back when he was demoing the new 7T's at a local dealership and he said that he made the speakers for the Asian market. They basically have smaller rooms and he wanted to design a speaker that would sound good in a smaller environment. By the way the new 6&7T's are outstanding.
If that's the Center on Audiogon. That was owned by the person who just switched over to 5 7T speakers. He ran the whole system w/THeta Casablanca Amps. You can catch his thread on the $20,000 HT Thread on AVS. Considering the equipment he uses I'm positive that center is in good shape. By the way my CC3 is about 12 years old and it's still going strong.
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