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Abby et al. I still have the MR DVR you offer with the DCX 3501 main box. The 500 GB hard drive is great. I agree the functionality is limited with the client box only used for playback. Am I to understand this service is being phased out? Does this affect existing customers? What would you replace it with? Also, do you no longer offer wireless modems and wireless network setup?
Yeah, I saw the packages. The real question is what will they mean for existing customers. Higher bills? Lower bills? Assuming I have Digital View Plus and MR/DVR with two HDTVs, what's the impact going to be? UMatter?
I rebooted the box and it's waking up now for timed recordings. Upon closer examination, the light that was going off was the message light. Is it normal for no light to be displayed when the box is in standby?
I have an unusual issue that just started recently. When I power off my DCX3501, the standby light goes dark after about 20 seconds. When it's in this deep sleep state (or whatever it is), my timed recording don't get recorded because it never wakes up to record them. Is there a setting for this? Charter suggested a new box but I just swapped out in January because the audio stopped working. Anyone have any ideas?
UMatter, What kind of DCX box does Charter offer with its Multi-Room DVR service? The 3400 or the 3501? I want the 3501 because it has a 500 GB hard-drive. The 3400 is only 250. According to posts on this forum, Charter is offering the 3501 in other markets.
Will Charter be running an HBO Free Preview later this year? Or any other premium channel previews?
Several systems, including the DBS providers, are carrying the HBO Free Preview this weekend. Is Charter carrying it? And if so, how do I get it on my DCT box?
I've never had a disc not play before, either DVD or Blu-Ray, and have never updated the firmware. One S360 is a refurb I got last year after the original died, thankfully while still in warranty. The other S360 is probably six months newer, isn't used as much, and has never had an issue. It's never been updated either. I informed Redbox and they said they'd pull the DVD out of circulation and gave me two promo codes for my trouble. I've tried other DVDs and Blu-Rays since...
This is even more puzzling. I have an S360 that works like a champ. Last night I rented "The Tourist" from Redbox on DVD. Put it in and it read "invalid." This is a DVD mind you, not a Blu-Ray. I also tried in my newer S360 and in my old S350 downstairs. Same result. Cannot play this disc. So I slapped it in my PC's DVD drive and it worked with no problem. Strange indeed. Any ideas folks?
I must have missed the memo. What new HDs is Charter adding on 3-31?
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