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Will you please post up your pre and post calibrations?
Hey carp... My boss goes to a few cheifs games every year. Jamaal Charles came into town and he got his pictures autographed by him. The one picture with JC jumping into the stands is actually my boss on the left gripping his hand. He got that picture from the chiefs website. Pretty cool that he was able to get it autographed. Just thought that I would share.
Sounds fun! So, is Jeff coming over to your house to tune your submersives?
If I remember correctly the drivers have connectors but the crossover I'm not sure.
I'm not, but I wonder if outlaw will ever come out with newer models??? Seems like they are due for a new line. A 15" sub would be pretty cool just like what the rest of the ID companies are offering.
Hard to diagnose over the forum but if it is just one driver it is more than likely internal. Check the wires and if it is good then it will more than likely be the driver. There is a possibility it could be the connection coming off of the crossover.
I guess it is. There is my answer.
Are those laser disks I see? I'm on my phone so I don't have a big screen to look at it.
Yes. That's right.
What else was playing at the same time as your sub? If the sub is the only sub playing and the only speaker in general playing, the phase shouldn't have any effect.
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