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ok, thanks Ill give it a try
is this what I need? http://www.parts-express.com/ground-loop-isolator--265-012
here is the back of the 4311CI
the 4311 only has rca connectors no xlrI can understand the ground loop but why is it only happening to 1 sub and not the other. They are both RCA plate amps. B&W ASW 855 is a 1,000 watt 15" driver and the Dayton Titanic is a 1,000 watt 15" driver. Confuse as to why the Dayton hums but the B&W does not. They are both using the same Y cable from the rear of my receiver. ifits a ground loop shouldn't both be humming? Just curious.
Dayton Audio T1504K 15" Titanic Mk 4 1000 Watt Subwoofer Kit I am having a strange issue with the above kit. The subwoofer emits a very low hum when I plug it into my wall outlet. Since I have an outlet every 8ft. I tried multiple outlets with the same result. I then tried different power cables. (even the cable from my B&W ASW 15" 1,000 watt amp with the same results. I then tried switching out the RCA cables. Same issue. The only time I do not hear any hum is...
The salesman called explaining he was confused and said, yes . use the rca to xlr and the speakon to my terminal cables. Not sure how he didn't understand at first but no biggie.
That's more than likely my problem RTK. I'll correct that and see what happens. thanks for the info.
I will check that out.. thanks again.. So glad I don't have to pay return shipping fee's ugh..
thanks for the info. They will be behind my mall in a separate area. MY HTPC fan is very loud. I can hear if when Im walking downstairs, it puts out a lot of cold air. It has about 14tb of data. and 2 large fans and 2 small fans but there pretty loud. I was thinking of a steel rack to put my items on. Either the Sanus EFA31 which is basically a wood shelf system for $269.99 or . or the steel rack. CFR 160 Either way the amps will not get warm. they will be In an open...
Thanks Archaea, I was about to return them. I was hoping the DSP option would be give me more flexibility than just using my Denon 4311ci standard setup features and Audyssey 32. Do you honestly think It will make the speakers sound better? they sound fine with my Denon which is 140 watt per channel but sometime I play my movies loud and didn't want to clip anything. I was hoping the extra watts would help and the DSP would give me better control vs. Denon standard...
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