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Well, she certainly isn't fat. This must have been an extremely low budget movie with a considerable bit of it shot in the dark - drastically reducing production costs. That budget also extended into how Scarlett looks on screen. She should look 1000% better in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
She doesn't have that fantastic of a body, although reviewers seem to be concentrating on it. Without her, the movie has zero draw. Why she agreed to make it, I have no idea. She must have been bowled over by the artistic crap. But some reviewers seem to like it - which shows where their minds are and who can blame them.
An art house film funded by the British Lottery and BFI. In other words, this movie put a lot of people to work. It is best preceded by a couple of shots of Teacher's Scottish whiskey (because it is shot in Scotland and to further their economy) and at the end of it by a couple of more shots to forget it. In very limited release, so far. Maybe it will be a cult classic with a naked Scarlett Johansson.
And what do you suggest for IMAX who have established a standard that is no longer the high end in terms of technology and movie enjoyment for the viewer? This always comes down to money. So IMAX decided to hog it all up when it came to Captain America. There must be the realization from IMAX that their technology has been surpassed and they are frozen except for the occasional times that a film maker actually makes some part of a film in IMAX aspect ratio and there...
For a long time, IMAX has been the only game in town when it came to viewing a movie on a big screen. With its 2K projection, even with 2 projectors and post production sharpening, and its 5 speaker audio, it now offers a dramatically inferior movie going experience compared to 4K projection and Dolby Atmos. IMAX has the brand name, ala $tarbucks, but its fa├žade is beginning to fade rapidly. With its overwhelming financial clout, IMAX has somehow managed to negate movie...
Rental movie for sure. Couldn't possibly be worth it to pay normal ticket prices for that. If you want to see CD in today's sexy mode, watch The Counselor when she f**ks a car.
This is one of those wee hour in the morning things, as in after midnight. Just to show you that it was real: search Blu-ray.com for 10 and see the $1 tracking.
Sounds reasonable, if the height speakers are extracted. What if it is encoded on the BR? Then it might be an advantage to have a fourth height speaker.
You mean was? Don't you?
http://www.curtismathes.com/index1.html Click on products to see the real cabinet, not that retro looking cabinet that was posted in the initial post that no one in their right mind would buy today, unless they just awoke from a long hibernation period of years and weren't aware of today's current technology.
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