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That's true. But what do you consider a basic set of speakers for a home theater?
Pretty amazing. Thanks for the recommendation.
Ho-hum. This movie is an epic tale of corniness with especially disappointing CGI, coming from Aronofsky. The actors are dealt a hand and play it as best as they can. Nothing much can save this turkey, nonetheless, it will probably score a big box office success amongst the faithful. Never want to see this again and once may have been one time too many.
Kate Upton
Kelly Brook
Was the LG professionally calibrated? Given the 77" LG OLED at CES 2014, your observation about black levels is not surprising, but it is good for you to be able to see them side by side. OLED's would appear to be the wave of the future.
Saw this on opening day, Friday. It is OK, but nothing to get too excited about. There is a clip from Bullitt in this movie that is in the background. Unfortunately, Aaron Paul is not the next to be Steve McQueen and Imogen Poots has the unenviable task of matching up to Jacqueline Bisset in Bullitt. The main problem with the movie is the screen play and its not so awesome dialog. It could have come off better with better writing. However, if one compartmentalizes...
Maybe he means that these pronouncements are enough to put followers to sleep when it comes to Auro 3D or is that Auro 11.1?
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