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You need to ditch RABOS that is dramatically inferior to Audyssey XT32. How do I know? I ran two Infinity Cascade 15 via RABOS, then completely took RABOS out of the system and ran another calibration. The difference was night and day. RABOS finished a very distant second.
Vizio is in a highly competitive market for the consumer. Unless Vizio has changed its manufacturing base to something cheaper than China, there are huge problems on the horizon. A few days ago, I saw a 40" LCD from Hisense, a Chinese company that was at CES, at Costco for $300. Then there was the Hisense 4K ultra high definition set at 55" for $2K less a $500 discount at Costco. Checking online at Amazon, another Chinese company, TCL, has begun to invade the American...
Rent the BR and make up your own mind.
Not even close.
I understand your points. The experience of the BR is different than looking at selected screen captures.
This is a hybrid between film and digital. It looks really good. No, it looks great!!!
Yes. It certainly has entertainment value and gives a look at what the government is capable via high tech spying. So the perennial question from Marathon Man: Is it Safe? Answer: No.
Then don't buy the BR or waste your time watching it.
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