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There is no way to know how this film turns out without seeing it. The trailer just seems to be a rehash of the plot of the original. Will it stand on its own? Will soon know. As to the extended version coming out next week at an exorbitant price, there is always Amazon UK where the blu-ray extended version can be had for < $45 shipped, but that assumes that one has a region B capable blu-ray player. BTW, the extended versions are something to see and are an...
You are right. I wouldn't have done it, although, like you, I would have wanted to do so. There is road rage and now, apparently, theater rage.
Yes, you can always buy a second sub.
Here I would have thought that the supply had dried up, but it is still available via Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-SA...2942846&sr=1-1 but that is close to the old retail list price. Then there is a probable electrical problem with the unit and plugging it in in the US. The unit had to have been modified for the UK.
I hope that the attacker is not caught. The guy got what he deserved. If he is so all important, he shouldn't go to a theater and leave his phone on - someone is hired to answer his cell. Most theaters these days have a brief message to turn off mobile devices prior to the start of the main feature. It is pretty annoying to have the bright screens of cells turn on in a darkened theater, much less have someone talk on it. I am always tempted to take my lit cell phone...
Yes, Infinity Cascade's. Not in the least disappointed.
I seriously suggest that you get your hands on a copy of Floyd Toole's book: Sound Reproduction. Toole is a consultant for Harmon, but was instrumental in the design of the current Infinity speakers and that includes the Primus line. There is a lot to learn from a two channel stereo background. And I use to be one of those two channel aficionados before going into a more than two speaker home theater system.
You appear to be running a two speaker system. Take into consideration that the Infinity speakers as well as Revel are owned by Harmon and that Infinity routinely tests any speaker against others that are more than 10X as much, retail. That doesn't prove much because many users do not have multiple systems set up's. In a properly setup 5.1 or 7.1 system, the P162s will do just fine - that means that you run a center and that is the dominant speaker in the front three...
Save your money. You are ignoring the costs of: the turntable, the cartridge, the tone arm, etc. And if you are serious, you do not want to buy run of the mill components. Use that money for your digital home theater system.
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