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Most of the startup delay for an activity is introduced by the warm-up time needed for a device since sending the power-on command until sending another command (like changing inputs), especially for TVs, so I guess that lowering the interdevice delay won't help you so much.
I said "if you can". Maybe I should be saying "if your devices supports this". So check their user manuals.
I suppose your DVD players are the same vendor/model (by the way, i don't see the reason for using two identical players in the same room), so if you can configure your players to accept different sets of IR codes, then you will be able to do want you want. If not, then ... not.
Maybe this info will help you: "The remote has Smart State technology that tracks what the power/input status of the devices are, but this only tracks changes that are expected based on the activity programming. If you change the power/input status of a device manually, using the original remote control or using the device menu, the Harmony activity does not know that a change has taken place. As a result, the remote may get 'out of synch.' Typically, using the help button...
You might need to try increasing the inter-device delay for the third device (the DVR). Devices -> DVR -> Settings -> Adjust the delays (speed settings) -> Next .... Next -> Done .... Done, then update the remote I think this way you can add a delay only after all the devices for the activity are already on.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeff1967 Setting up my new Onkyo receiver, everything working good. But as an added convienence I would like to add this command to all my activities that involve the new Onkyo: When turning off the receiver, switch to HDMI 1 before turning off. I'm trying to find this in the software but so far it escapes me! Devices -> Onkyo device -> Settings -> Adjust power settings -> Next -> Next -> Next .... until you get...
Quote: Originally Posted by oman321 No option for that thru the software. The easiest way to do what you want is to get yourself (if you don't have one already which learns commands)a cheap universal remote probably the $10 variety and teach the commands you want to that. After you have done so you teach back the wanted commands to your one and customize the preferred device. Why not learning all the commands he needs from the original MCE...
I gave you an answer here:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1301598
1) Setup your Watch TV activity to start all the devices you need and choose the soundbar to control volume for the activity. 2) Yes, it is possible to customize buttons for the Watch TV activity (I think every button should be customizable, or at least those labeled 1,2,3,4, above Menu and Info buttons)
Quote: Originally Posted by SpenceJT dont' feel bad. I'm even later. Harmony 880 that won't dependably switch inputs on a Mitsubishi L75-A91. The damn TV remote needs to use two buttons and the directional pad to change "activities" (which basically changes inputs between ANT, HDMIs 1-4, or VUDU). I need to press the "Activity" button, then navigate up/down right/left to the activity or input, and then press "Select" to change inputs. There does...
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