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Seems like about half the Blu-rays I rent freeze up on my 5000ES. I have the latest firmware installed. Any else having similar issues? I've not had any problems with purchased Blu-rays but the rentals don't appear to be scratched.
The 5000 seems to have the same issue my 1000 has on both blurays and DVDs. Occasionally, during playback, the screen goes black for a couple of seconds then goes back to normal. Both players are directly connected via HDMI and the same thing happens on my Panasonic plasma and Sony LCD TVs. Firmware is up to date on the 1000 but I haven't updated the 5000 yet. I haven't messed with the factory bluray settings. It usually happens near the beginning of a movie then plays the...
Don't worry - they're legit. Turns out it was a misprint by Sony.
Quote: Originally Posted by deeppurpleman Check this out: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/new...mdl=BDPS5000ES Thanks for posting this!
On the AVS site, a 5-year warranty is stated but the literature that comes with the player states only 1-year from Sony. Does AVS plan on honoring the other 4 years themselves? Very impressed with the player, by the way. Almost identical to my 1000 but with far superior build quality.
I ordered a BDP-S5000ES from avscience.com yesterday for $349 shipped. I checked back later and they were listed as sold out. However, as of tonight, they appear to be back in stock. So, if you want one, head over there and place your order ASAP. I'm looking forward to comparing it to the 1000 I picked up from Vanns for $179.
Thanks for helping me fix my ancient Kenwood VR-517! Best link in the thread: http://home.comcast.net/~jcoxdesigns/Kenwood/index.html
OK, two questions: Why does this issue affect DVDs as well? Why can't it be fixed with an update?
I am impressed with the overall quality of the player but it is extremely annoying that it forces you to sit through intro screens again (logos, FBI warning, etc) if you press stop on a BD or DVD menu. Some BDs fail to resume from stop during the movie as well. This is completely unacceptable! Even my 10 year old DVD player and 20 year old Laserdisc player can do that. Compared to other manufacturers, Sony's ergonomics are horrible so I should have known what I was getting...
I have a Pioneer CLD-D703 that all of a sudden refuses to play LDs. CDs still play fine. LDs load fine; the player recognizes it's an LD. Upon pressing play, the spindle engages and spins the disc to playing speed but doesn't actually play. At this point, the OSD says "STOP" The disc keeps spinning and eventually slows down and stops spinning. The player is extremely clean but I tried cleaning the spindle and laser without any success. I'm not hearing any signs of slippage...
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