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I thought it was only the Slim PS3 that supports bitstream. When I hook up my PS3 Slim 160GB to my father's Onkyo 705 it lights up on the front and says "HD-MSTR" on the display when watching a blu-ray with bitstream.
For the holidays I bought my father a fairly basic turntable (Sony 250). He has an Onkyo 705 with a phono input. The thing is I can't get the sound to work correctly when the TT is plugged into the phono input. The TT has a switch to turn on/off the built in phono stage. With it on I can play the TT with good results on the Onkyo's "CD" audio input. However it seems like the Onkyo 705 is not amplifying the phono input at all. So for now its plugged into the CD input...
For a bedroom I wouldn't get a GT25 (3D)...maybe a G25. But I think the S2 would be more than sufficient for a bedroom.
I have a Panasonic S2 and I almost exclusivity game on it. After playing Gran Turismo 5 for a week straight (like 4 to 8 hours per day) and not using the TV for ANYTHING else I had IR on the screen that did last a few days. However, after hours of playing Black Ops the GT5 HUD was no longer visible. Don't worry about it too much, just be careful for the first 200 hours.
My S2 does it, my old CRTs did it too. I think some of my LCD monitors do it too. I'm pretty sure its just plastic case expanding/contracting.
I would probably get an LCD for kids too, but I don't agree with what is in bold. Kids may leave stuff on. If your sticking with plasma though I'd grab a Panasonic C2, they are like $450 for a 42".
Not a fan of silver either. Looks cheap.
After further investigation, my TV will still turn my PS3 automatically on when I set it to the HDMI input I have my PS3 hooked up to. However, the remote as I mentioned will not navigate the XMB like it did previously.
Updated last night. Ever since updating I can't get Vieralink (HDMI-CEC) to work with my PS3 anymore. My Panasonic S2 just doesn't want to control it anymore, yet previously it worked just fine and I could use my Panasonic TV remote to control my PS3's XMB and all that good stuff. Anyone else have any problems with HDMI-CEC post update?
I agree. I'd get the 58inch VT over the Sammy, but 54 vs. 58, I'd go for the 58.
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