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Similar network programming and syndicated shows. Different local news and some subchannels.
WSPA-7 has debuted their new studio today during the 5pm newscast. Large LED monitors and a blue backdrop. With more of the anchors standing rather than seated, around a glass desk. But the 7 logo is noticeably absent on both the backdrop and the new graphics package. Maybe they will eventually modify that, but hopefully it will be more discreet than previously.
Not sure you want the cable near the gutter where water could leak. And maybe certain cable is better for outdoor use than others. You may want to investigate that, and possibly consider RG6 quad shield.
If you add a preamp you may get more of Columbia and Charlotte. Such as Kitztech 100 or Winegard LNA-200.
Well the network programming is basically the same. Although the local news shows are different, of course. But 46.2 has Antenna TV and 55.3 has Jimmy Swaggart. And 3.2 has Bounce TV.
I notice WCCB has new anchorman and new graphics package.
Very good if you receive 13 without an amp. But it looks like you may also be able to receive Charlotte and Columbia if you choose. But for Charlotte a 91XG and a preamp would be best. If you have a rotor, the HBU-44 would also be good or Columbia.
There are a few channels from Charlotte that you are missing. You should also reliably receive WCNC-36 (NBC), WJZY-46 (FOX), and WMYT-55 (MyTV). But the major problem is that you have too many antennas combined, and they cancel each other out and create interference, resulting in lack of reception. You luck out with WBTV-3 because they have a strong omnidirectional signal. But reception of Columbia and Toccoa, Ga. signals in Greer is unlikely. So I would concentrate on 2...
I would still run coax cable in case you would ever have to use Charter cable service or Dish or DirecTV. And you would have the option of an OTA antenna. As well as FM radio antenna. Better to be prepared for all options, or you may regret it later.
And Fridays used to be a big night with the Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas on CBS.
New Posts  All Forums: