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WCNC has definitely turned off some of that blue back lighting on their news set. But now I feel all that grey looks a bit bland and boring. Could they not come up with a compromise solution and balance out the blue with some browns and earth tones? Like WBTV and WSOC seem to do? And WCCB uses grey along with red and earth tones very nicely. WCNC just needs to tweak their colors, as otherwise the design of their set is very nice. But at least they seem to be working on...
The HBU-33 is a very good antenna. And it is a real antenna, not some overpriced, gimmicky novelty item. And if you are on the west side of Charlotte, you may be able to receive WSPA-7 from Spartanburg. But a low gain amp may be needed for that, as well as to stabilize signals that may get interference from the airport. But only a very low gain amp, as Charlotte signals are strong and could overload. A Channel Master-3414 distribution amp would be best, as it is only 8db...
Could be an overload problem from the amp that is causing the glitch. Try unplugging the amp and see if the signal will pass. That antenna is the Amazon version of the Winegard Flatwave, but there are probably better choices.
What is the difference in the menu options between the two?
Long time WSB traffic reporter Captn. Herb Emory has passed away. A true public servant and long time traffic reporter for News-Talk 750 and Channel 2. I always listened to his WSB radio reports when driving down I-85 from SC to Atlanta. Very informative, as well as personable and caring. He also had hosted a popular Nascar show on WSB. Clark Howard and retired colleague Neil Boortz hosted a tribute show on Saturday evening, the day he died of a massive heart attack while...
I am currently using the smaller version 43XG in the attic. And I receive RF7, RF9, and RF13 with strong, reliable signals. And 13 is a problematic VHF signal with a spotty pattern from 50 miles. And the antenna is not directly aimed at these stations. So you could give it a try. And if you take one boom off of the 91XG, it becomes a 43XG. And I use a Kitztech 100 preamp, and a CM3414 dist amp further down the line.
They are overdue for an upgrade. They have used the current set for a long time, and did not really make any changes when they first upgraded to HD. Definitely time for a change.
That Denny's Double Stacker is made by Winegard and is good in fringe areas where you may need separate higher gain antennas optimized for both High VHF and UHF. But it is debatable as to whether it actually performs much better than a Winegard 7698 combo antenna. Or an Antennacraft HBU-55. For Mt. Holly, a smaller 7694 or HBU-22 should be adequate. But the OP was limited to an indoor antenna.
They have definitely toned down the blue backdrop on WCNC in the studio. It is now more grey and beige. I guess it is an improvement, but perhaps they could consider some more browns and earth tones. And hopefully they are working to finally upgrade to HD.
That Solid Signal antenna is the same basic design as the 91XG. It is just their version and is priced lower. But yes there is a chance it may receive some VHF if there is a strong signal. Same as 91XG. But they are primarily UHF antennas.
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