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Can also enter quantity 1 and proceed to checkhout, HOWEVER, they are apparently "rationing" both 513 or 515 to one-per-person, as the QTY can't be changed on either site. Also, if you attempt to change the QTY during checkout, the following message appears: We've changed your requested quantity to what is available for purchase now. If you need more, click here.Clicking, brings up an Inventory Limitations message: "If an item has limited availability, you will not be able...
Yes, you can watch either a previously recorded program on the HDD or watch a DVD, while a new program is being recorded to the HDD. More info in Wajo's help-file here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...ount=16#Surf5a
....but that's still 11ยข off the list price.
Less than 4 months ago, Target were selling new MDR513's online for $179.99 (including free shipping).
Interested members can listen to, read transcripts, watch or download those podcasts at: Audio & Transcripts: http://www.grc.com/securitynow.htm Videos: http://twit.tv/sn
That is correct. This utility will not run from a CD or DVD mounted in the DVR drive. Spinrite has it's own self-contained operating system (FreeDOS) and in actual use, one usually configure their PC's BIOS to first boot to the drive containing the disk or flash drive holding the utility. Spinrite is written in machine language and is less than 170KB in size.
If there is a problem with your Maggie (or any other) hard drive, there is a excellent utility available called SPINRITE, which may fix the problem(s). SpinRite is not a drive defragmenter. It operates with the drive's built-in intelligence to reassign and relocate defective sectors without creating file system fragments. It is use by many manufacturers and repair facilities to repair TiVo and other DVR hard drives. Spinrite costs about $80, but if you have a number of...
Dale, in many states (including Oregon) it is illegal to sell a used item as new. It's call fraud. Suggest you check the following link for more info: http://www.osbar.org/public/legalinf...onsumerLaw.htm You could end up with your unit costing much less than you think.
Agree. As of this morning, both Walmart & J&R have refurbished 515's in-stock. Walmart also have new 513's and J&R refurbished 513's. _________________ Interesting aside. Walmart keep increasing their price for a new 515, even though they haven't had any in-stock, for almost 6 months.
If a new "beast" is coming, I think Funai should give Wajo the first two (2) off the production line FREE OF CHARGE for helping them to get rid of their inventory of old 513's and 515's. (234, are you listening????)
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