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There are a couple connected devices that support SlingPlayer. Look at the Western Digital (WD TV Play/WD TV Live/WD TV Live Hub, Sony Internet Player with Google TV (NSZ-GS7 GTV) or (NeoTV NTV300, NeoTV PRO NTV300S, NeoTV MAX NTV300SL, NeoTV PRIME GTV100. http://www.slingbox.com/go/spcd
I have charter in Pasadena with a 2250. I pick up mainly the local broadcast channels in hd. All the others are locked down and you need a cable card.
Uvere uses iptv and does not work with anything. I have a htpc and used it with cable before I moved. Now I only use it for downloaded shows. I tried using my tunner for ota channels and gave up. I just use the dvr they gave me and it works fine. The online scheduling is great. You can get a HD PVR or the new internal colossus but then you can only record one thing at a time where as the uverse box can do anywhere from 1-4 channels at a time.
+2 for unraid. I just built a $200 new build from newegg and love it. Since you have the parts already you can just spend the money on storage.
Actually no. The solo accepts hd inputs but will not stream them. Look at http://www.slingbox.com/go/slingbox-solo-help-me-choose
I do not have an ipad or slingbox for that matter but was looking into getting one. With that said what is your upload speed. If it is below 1.5mbs you aren't going to get the hd out of the pros. I would say if you have 2+ go with hd
Great write up. I completely agree with everything. I just ordered everything for my unraid box and should have it up tomorrow. Props
actually no. It depends on your distance from the vrad. If you are close there are actually new 4hd feed profiles. I currently was upgraded to 3hd feeds at 2000ft from the vrad.
Thanks for the help.
I have been thinking about building a nas or getting a drobo FS. Can anyone tell me how the redundancy works on the unraid. If I have a 1.5 tb 500,600, and 1.5 drive. If I use one of the 1.5 drives as the primary backup drive will only 1.5 tbs of data be backed up. Also if I buy a new 2tb drive can I exchange the primary drive with it?
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