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Yeah, but I wish Fox10 could air 10pm clock news on CW55.
Well FOX 10 have to keep State of the Union Address for 2014 since it's a important live coverage that Fox News is doing along with other new programming stations/channels. Luckily, they have another station that they can air the ice storm coverage while they're airing the said event and recorded the New Supernatural and air it one hour.
AT&T added The HD feed of WFBD this weekend.
Why not just let WEAR to carry ThisTV 24/7 (or Who cares, ThisTV already suffered a little Network Decay in favor to be like MeTV) on 3.3 and WFGX to replace the time share of ThisTV with something else educational like E/I or extra ads.Edit: AT&T removed WPAN from its local line-up today.
I hope Dish, DirecTV, and AT&T picks this up as well.
On FOX 10, Family Guy 200 episodes special is now formatted in 4:3 instead of 16:9 letterboxed in the SD feed (maybe they thought of doing that due to alot of older episodes in 4:3). If you have HD, is it in 16:9?
So what about the CBS programming here?
Okay, since CBS ended its Saturday Morning block for educational shows, I really hope that Ion Television reaches deals to add Ion subchannels for Mobile and Pensacola since Comcast carries Ion, Qubo, and QVC. Just like when TBN bought out one of the stations (that used to be CW and later, carried by other station by subchannels) in Jackson, MS and they (Ion) bought one of the local channels (Was a PBS, and later HSN) in Pittsburgh that other year. Ion could've bought...
Today it's WTOK's 60th birthday, so if anyone up there found some of these footages, please post it here. I wanna see it because I'm live in Mobile.
I do.And I have a favor for you guys. Can anyone post a picture of the screen of 15.2? I wanna check into it but I don't know... I'm still stuck with Uverse-TV.
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